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Artist Statement

My motivation in creating abstract works of art is primarily for personal fulfillment. When opportunities arise, I exhibit my work and offer it to new and seasoned collectors. I’m drawn to Abstraction because it is a personal visual expression able to connect in a manner individual to each viewer. In beginning a new piece, sometimes my intent is clearly defined before I begin, other times I begin blindly and allow my intuition to lead me along an uncharted path. My mind needs to be clear and my mood positive and calm to produce my best work. My inspiration comes from observation of details rather than the big picture of things. These might include textures on a wall or floor surface, glazes on pottery, patterns on rocks or peeling paint on the walls of an old building. My choices of media include acrylic paints, cold wax and oils, monotype printing and photography. I find it difficult to title my work because I prefer not to influence the viewer’s interpretation of the work. My work is exhibited primarily in the Richmond area and select venues beyond. My hope is that my work and my support of the arts community will contribute to making and promoting Richmond, Virginia as a distinctive destination for the arts.


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